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Sidewalk Compliance Repairs by FSS

Sidewalk Compliance Repairs by FSS

If your concrete walkways are breaking and cracking it’s time to look into sidewalk compliance repairs with Florida Sidewalk Solutions!

Major causes of damages to your walkways resulting in a need for sidewalks compliance repairs could be soft moist ground that is sinking. Soil erosion can happen between the concrete slabs resulting in sinking/lifting/separation or other issues. In areas that get much colder, heat and cold expansion and contraction are major causes of the integrity of your sidewalks and walkways failing. If you are in a situation where your sidewalk or walkway has cracks or trip hazards, there are a few options.

Generally, you’ll find the consensus is to replace the damaged sidewalk panels, but this can become very costly. The amount of money and time spent on materials, and paying the crew, and possible downtime on the location are just not worth it. Florida sidewalk solutions provide affordable sidewalk repairs instead of replacement! There are a few methods the other guys use to do this, but ours is much better to read on to find out why.

One option we see other teams uses is called Mudjacking. This process consists of a cement solution injected through 2-inch holes drilled into the concrete, causing it to expand and raising it to fall back into place. This means it’s ideal for smaller jobs such as raising porches, steps, and other small concrete surfaces.

Scabbling is another method we see other sidewalk repair organizations use. This involves pushing air under the concrete to lift and move them back into place.   It can help reduce stone by roughening it up. This often will limit the operator’s chance of inhaling dangerous silica dust.

The truth is though, the other guy’s methods just aren’t up to par with the way  Florida Sidewalk Solutions has gotten Sidewalk compliance repairs down to a science. We employ a cutting method using patented technology that is sure to remove any trip hazards, and while concrete grinders and scribblers are commercially available and less expensive than replacement or filling, they are more costly, making Florida Sidewalk Solutions’ cutting method the most cost-effective sidewalk repair method.

Our goal is to ensure your ADA compliance by removing any trip hazards from your sidewalk or walkway. Trip hazards caused by cracked concrete or located in hard-to-reach places such as in gutters or adjacent to a wall will be eliminated without any damage to nearby impediments. We can ensure that your sidewalk or walkway is ADA compliant as well. Our method is cost-effective sidewalk repair that takes little time with few inconveniences to people using the walkway.

Our specialists will take precise measurements to know exactly where to cut, and then they will ensure zero differential between sidewalk panels, and make sure any and all debris is collected and recycled to maintain a “green” solution to the repair process. There is no doubt we can make this your best option so please call us at


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