Concrete Repair and leveling
Concrete Sidewalk Repair Near Me

Concrete Repair and leveling

Concrete Repair and leveling

There are many man-made and even natural causes for damage that require Concrete Repair and leveling, so if you are a property owner, having the knowledge of how to prevent it is key. First off, if the concrete was not installed properly to begin with, you will already start out with issues. If the mix has too much moisture, if the seal was done prematurely, or if the joints were improperly constructed, you can expect blisters, crazing, and spalling.


Speaking of spalling, it’s one of the main reasons one would need Concrete Repair and leveling because, in simple terms, it means when concrete is breaking away into smaller pieces. This could be from a variety of different causes, such as heavy impact, weathering, and also corrosion. With corrosion, it becomes incredibly tedious because there’s a buildup within the concrete itself, so the most common way to repair this instance is by removing the degraded concrete entirely. It can be a very expensive and frustrating ordeal, which is why you need the right people to deal with it.


Other causes, specifically ones you can find in mother nature, include the freeze-thaw cycle since it involves introducing moisture into the concrete. This is already bad enough, but when it freezes, this also could mean making the concrete expand and crack. Fire is also another natural element that can introduce a lot of damage to this material. Concrete can be affected by flames and lose its strength and elasticity even though for the most part it cannot be “burned”.


There are a few ways to prevent having Concrete Repair and leveling services done, such as by polishing, prepping the surface before starting the job, and making sure your underlying layers are free from substances that could weaken the installation, such as sealers, hardeners, soil, and curing compounds. If you’re dealing with spalling or concrete cracks in your walkway or path, you are opening yourself up to liability problems, and unsafe working and walking conditions, amongst other things.


Nine times out of ten, having the right Concrete Repair and leveling company to oversee your sidewalk job is key to keeping people safe, saving yourself from liability, and saving other costs down the road. Florida Sidewalk Solutions has a cutting method that will leave slip-resistant surfaces and make your sidewalk OSHA-compliant as well as ADA-compliant. Call Florida Sidewalk Solutions at 954-514-7218 for the advantages of patented cutting technology that will lengthen the life of your walkway.


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