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Sidewalk Uneven? Call FSS!

Sidewalk Uneven? Call FSS!

Is your concrete walkway or sidewalk uneven and out of compliance? Call Florida Sidewalk Solutions today to get it repaired! Over time concrete walkways can become uneven and dismounted, call Florida sidewalk solutions to learn about our Sidewalk leveling Service!

A broken, damaged, cracked, split, separated or otherwise uneven sidewalk or walkway can be a huge issue for property owners and managers. The problem is threefold. Firstly, and least improtantly your beautiful pathways probably don’t look so beautiful anymore.  Aesthetically it’s displeasing and sends a sign that the property isn’t well maintained. Next, you have to worry about fines from the ADA, for compliance breaches.  When we talk bout compliance, we’re referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA as mentioned previously.

In the 90s, the US government passed the AD law and ruleset. This Act sets standards and regulations for public access to areas to make it so anybody regardless of their personal disability can traverse a given location with relative ease. Pedestrians with disabilities oftne utilize special tools and/or need assistance getting around. the ADA rules ensure walkways are designed with wheelchairs, walkers, extra space for passing, friction levels, and lack of obstacles in mind.

This brings us to the third and most important reason you should keep your walkways in good shape- safety!

Safety is important to everyone, with or without disabilities. Uneven and damaged sidewalks create obstacles that can result in serious injuries. These obstacles pose a bigger threat to those who are impaired in their locomotion, hence the creation of the ADA. Lack of compliance can result in serious fines, or worse, someone getting really hurt!

The ADA rulesets define specifics that determine fi a sidewalk is or isn’t too uneven to be compliant. For a sidewalk to maintain ADA compliance, no one particular portion of the sidewalk can be raised higher than another by more than a quarter inch. This gap in height is referred to by the ADA as a “trip hazard”. Trip Hazards have to be dealt with relatively quickly or somebody could get seriously hurt. Any injuries or complications that result from a trip hazard would be the responsibility of the property owner. Therefore, if your walkways have trip hazards, it’s time to look into an affordable sidewalk repair solution.

It used to be that you needed to completely remove sidewalk tiles when trip hazards became an issue, investing in expensive replacements. Florida Sidewalk Solutions aims to save you time, and money by offering a better option. We can completely repair the trip hazard, using an advanced cutting method that smoothes out the gap between the sidewalk tiles, creating a smooth transition that falls into ADA compliance. This costs far less than a total replacement and prevents costly pay-outs on ADA compliance issues. If your sidewalk or walkway is in need of repair, don’t wait until it’s too late and somebody gets hurt- call Florida Sidewalk Solutions today!

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