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ADA Complaince

Sidewalk Cracks Fixed and Repaired

Sidewalk Cracks Fixed and Repaired

The Americans with Disabilities Act (or ADA) is responsible for ensuring that people who fix sidewalk cracks on a pathway keep it ADA compliant. For example, there are standards established by the ADA that state that all electronic and information technology like computers, social media pages, etc, must be accessible to people with disabilities, such as the blind or hard of hearing. The same should be expected of those with physical disabilities and their ability to get around outside. People who use walking aids are disadvantaged if walkways are uneven or broken. If they use canes, wheelchairs, or electric scooters, it becomes nearly impossible for them to go over such obstacles.

Depending on what property they own, sometimes one has to repair a publicly accessed sidewalk, and they need to take all of this into consideration. There are several ways you can level a sidewalk, but going with a cutting method tends to be the most precise. Grinders are unable to reach the edges of a walkway, meaning it could still leave a trip hazard. And removing a sidewalk entirely and replacing it is costly. Florida Sidewalk Solutions can do this for you in the most effective, economical, and environmentally clean solution possible. Our patented cutting technology is sure to completely repair sidewalk cracks from paths, concrete walkways, and handicap access ramps.

According to the ADA, a trip hazard is any vertical change of over 1/4 inch or more at any joint or crack. Since the ADA demands strict compliance, trip hazards represent a legal liability to your clients. Cities, school districts, hospitals, churches, shopping malls, universities, apartment complexes, and other large buildings are all extremely concerned with this liability. And when it comes to repairing these hazards, it also means having a slope of 1:12 on sidewalk panels and handicap-accessible areas. Measurements have to be precise and leave non-slip surfaces so there are no more trip hazards. These ADA standards apply to commercial and public entities that have “places of public accommodation”, so if you own property that is publically walked on, you have to abide by these regulations. Some of the examples of places that need to go by these standards are locations such as assembly areas, medical care facilities, places of lodging, housing at places of education, detention, and correctional facilities, social service center establishments, and residential dwelling units.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions leads in repairing sidewalk cracks by making precise cuts and making the whole clean, environmentally safe, cost-effective, and liability-free. For any questions or consultations, call 954-514-7218.

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