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Repair your Walkways with FSS

Repair your Walkways with FSS

Most people aren’t even aware that you can Repair your walkway or sidewalk if it’s damaged, rather than replacing all of it or sections. Cracks in sidewalks and walkways, as well as other issues, can form which bring them out of ADA compliance. This is fairly common knowledge, that ADA compliance issue must be resolved. However the problem lies in the expenses, as replacement of damaged pedestrian pathways can get pricey, and this is why we suggest you repair your sidewalks.

There is a lot of work that goes into this process, but ultimately it is far less expensive than a total replacement. That said, there s alto planning that would be involved. Everything needs to be planned out meticulously such as how far out it will go, the elevation, and believe it or not, the amount of use it will receive. Whether it is for a home, business, or otherwise, it needs to be precise. For example, a walkway is recommended to be about 40 inches wide. Once measured, you can use a sharp shovel to remove sod and rocks and dig a trench about seven inches deep. Next, a gravel base needs to be added to the walkway, following by a layer of paver sand. The surface is smoothed, the pavers are laid, and then the steps can be put in if necessary. The edges need to be secured by adding polymeric sand that works as a binding agent to hold the pavers in place.

Florida sidewalk solutions have been the sidewalk repair business for over 15 years, and we can bring the tool sand team to get the job done so you don’t have to. This is especially helpful if you operate a business or if the property you own has a sidewalk or walkway that many people have to walk on. When it comes to Sidewalk and Walkway repair, removing trip hazards and making your sidewalk ADA compliant is extremely important, and our patented technology makes cuts clean and precise at any angle. Trip hazards in hard-to-reach places will be eliminated without damage to nearby impediments.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions will work with you no matter the budget or scale of the project and can deliver a very efficient and clean job while working to make your sidewalk or walkway ADA compliant. This is a win-win for you as you can eliminate trip and fall liability by ensuring your sidewalk is leveled and repaired properly. You are sure to save a lot by choosing us, so call us today at…


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