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Hazards in Your Sidewalk Must be Fixed

Hazards in Your Sidewalk Must be Fixed

Your sidewalk will eventually form Trip hazards over time that need to be dealt with quickly. The first and most important reason to deal with this type of issue is the safety and well being of those who traverse your sidewalks and walkways. The second reason is due to the liability for ADA compliance- laws, regulations, and guidelines that were put into place in 1990 to protect people with disabilities. People who have various disabilities may have a difficult time as it is transversing normal terrain- let alone a sidewalk with Trip Hazards.

The ADA clearly defines the set of standards any sidewalk or walkway must meet to be compliant. This includes where ramps are needed, the slope the ramp can have, how much additional passing space needs to be installed, and how often, where railings and banisters should go, and more. Eventually, though, almost any walkway or traversal structure such as sidewalks and ramps will suffer wear and damages caused by a variety of factors including but not limited to: weather, erosion, random chance, natural disasters, car accidents, and even normal usage. Read on to learn more about how Florida Sidewalk solutions provide the most efficient, and cost-effective method of removing these hazards from your walkways.

A trip hazard is as a stark, or sudden differential in the height between portions of a sidewalk or walkway of  1/4 inches or more. In the past, the way this was handled was by the removal of the damaged sidewalk panel. Then, you would invest in brand new concrete and the labor to replace the panel- or even the whole walkway. However, this method is costly and time-consuming. Florida Sidewalk Solutions offers a new, high tech method that is far more cost-effective.

Instead of replacing your sidewalk, Florida Sidewalk Solutions offer s new state-of-the art repair service that can bring your sidewalk into compliance. To do this, we perform a 3 phase process in which phase 1 involves measuring the current damages to assess what needs to be done. The next phase is the cutting and smoothing of the concrete. This will ensure a zero height differential between the affected panels. Lastly is the clean-up and removal of debris for the purpose of recycling. After the process is complete, you can rest assured you will be within compliance, and not pose a risk to disabled pedestrians.

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