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Do You Need A Residential Sidewalk Repair?

If your property has a concrete walkway trip hazard, you’ll want to find a residential sidewalk repair company before your problems worsen. Did you know that the residential property owner could actually be held legally responsible in the event someone trips and falls on an uneven concrete sidewalk?

In addition to being eyesores or nuisances, fall and trip hazards are taken very seriously by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If someone were to sustain an injury while traveling on an uneven concrete walkway in need of a residential sidewalk repair, the liability falls on the property owner.

Fortunately, not all trip hazard removal services are expensive and disruptive. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a commercial and residential sidewalk repair company who uses concrete cutting to remove trip hazards completely.

When Do You Need A Residential Sidewalk Repair?

Trip hazards form on concrete sidewalks due to a variety of different factors. Something as simple as rotting roots or heavy rainwater collecting underneath the walkway can create faults in the foundation.

Soon, those faults cause different parts in the concrete to rise or sink. Once this happens, the concrete begins to become increasingly uneven as more fall and trip hazards begin to form.

You will need to consider a residential sidewalk repair service the moment you notice any blemish along the pathway has an incline that exceeds 1/4″. So long as you neglect to fix uneven concrete sidewalk panels, you are at risk for being held legally and financially responsible for not ridding your property of the liability.

Why Florida Sidewalk Solutions?

Florida Sidewalk Solutions uses patented concrete cutting technology to successfully remove trip hazards. Our commercial and residential sidewalk repair services are a cost-effective alternative to replacing entire pathways with newly poured concrete.

Our patented concrete cutting technology is also a more eco-friendly, faster, and less disruptive form of trip hazard removal. Additionally, it is the only method to ensure your walkway is 100% ADA compliant, which we back up with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

We also complete the vast majority of all residential sidewalk repair projects the same day we begin them. Couple this with the fact that the end result is a completely level walkway with slip-resistant slopes and it is easy to see why cutting concrete is the best method for trip hazard removals.

Our trip hazard specialists have been successfully removing trip hazards since 1992 and know how to get the job done right so that you can remain liability free. Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today and we would be glad to give you a free estimate for our residential sidewalk repair services.

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Residential Sidewalk Repair

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