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When To Fix A Sidewalk Trip Hazard

Sidewalk trip hazards everywhere are a public hazard. They trouble property owners. This is one reason why more people are choosing to fix a sidewalk trip hazard issue before the liability becomes a costly and harmful issue.

While concrete sidewalks are known to be fairly long-lasting, they’re also more brittle than people believe. They become a liability and a public danger when they begin cracking. For this reason, sidewalk trip hazard repair has become more and more in demand.

Below we will explore some of the known reasons why sidewalk trip hazards can become so problematic. If you’re preparing to fix a sidewalk trip hazard and wish to speak with a sidewalk repair specialist, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions to learn how we can help.

Why Sidewalk Trip Hazards Are Dangerous

Everyone, regardless of age, race, lifestyle, and so on, uses sidewalks. They are one of the most commonly traversed areas of any metropolitan area. When they become damaged, people might injure themselves while using them.

In fact, the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 was put into place and specifically defined any sidewalk trip hazard as an incline of an inch or more. On top of that, most property owners are responsible for maintenance and can be brought to court if an injury occurs.

Simply put, sidewalk trip hazards are a public safety issue. They also make it difficult for people with more difficult issues to use., such as the elderly or those in a wheelchair, for example. This is what makes the ADA’s definition so important to bear in mind. 

How To Fix A Sidewalk Trip Hazard

Replacing entire concrete sidewalks is not an easy task. It can take a significant amount of time, be costly, and altogether is a hassle, regardless of how big the sidewalk is. Fortunately, there are other options available to fix a sidewalk trip hazard.

Previously, using a concrete grinder was one of the quicker ways to handle a sidewalk trip hazard issue. However, sidewalk grinders also have significant flaws and can leave an unsightly appearance on the property.

Concrete grinding methods are now the preferred method for handling sidewalk trip hazards. They cleanly deal with the trip hazard, leave an aesthetically-pleasing and perfectly level surface, are cost-effective, and much more efficient than sidewalk replacement.

If you are looking to fix a sidewalk trip hazard, don’t settle for inferior options. Contact the trip hazard specialists at Florida Sidewalk Solutions and learn more about how we can help.

Lose the liability. Keep the Sidewalk. Contact us today or call 954-514-7218- to request a free quote.

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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Fix

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