Trip Hazards

Trip Hazard Removal Service

Trip Hazard Removal Service

Florida Sidewalk Solutions uses concrete leveling to provide a patented Trip Hazard Removal Service which will restore compliance to your walkways.

If you are looking to fix trip hazards, Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the one to call. Trip hazards occur sometimes from bad site planning. Sidewalk distresses that require correction can include heaved slabs, step separation, and paver irregularities. Sidewalk segments with depressions may also create a settled area that traps water, in which case an actual slip may occur, or it might be harder to see if the depression is actually there.

Any obstacle in the way of someone walking on a walkway or sidewalk could cause them to slip and fall. But if it’s not debris that can easily be picked up and moved to a better area, and it’s a crack or uneven part of the path, then it becomes something you have to get fixed. There are several routes you could take such as concrete grinders and scabblers or replacing and filling the sidewalk entirely, but these can be very expensive, might take too long, or not always be ADA compliant.

We use patented technology to deliver ADA compliant solutions to uneven sidewalks, concrete walkways, or even handicap access ramps. We do all this in an environmentally responsible way, keeping in mind to minimally disturb the surrounding trees or yard.

How it Works

In order to successfully remove trip hazards, we first have to take precise measurements to know where we are going to cut, where to start and where to end. There actually needs to be an ADA compliant slope of 1:12 (this means for every inch of rise there is 12 inches of run) on sidewalk panels and handicap accessible areas so that people with wheelchairs and scooters have a better way to use this area without outside assistance.

We use a cutting method that is more affordable than concrete grinders and scrabblers which can leave the surface rough and pitted. This way, we can reach the edges of every sidewalk and remove trip hazards from any angle. Without and damage to nearby impediments, we can remove hazards caused by cracked concrete or locate in gutters or adjacent to a wall, which are usually very hard-to-reach areas.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions are trip hazard specialists who provide excellent and reliable service that fits the specific needs and requests of each of our clients. There is no doubt we will leave the finest finish, the clearest paperwork, the safest sidewalk, and the fastest technique. We serve several cities in Florida, including Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Miramar, Broward, Davie, and Pompano Beach, so call us today at 954-514-7218.

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