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Trip Hazards

Prevent Trip Hazards With Raised Sidewalk Repair

Neglecting to pay for raised sidewalk repair to fix trip hazards can present a significant liability to property owners and managers. The best option for sidewalk trip hazard repair is to hire sidewalk repair contractors experienced in the latest concrete cutting techniques.

Not only can paying for raised sidewalk repair help to fix trip hazards, but it can also actually save you the time and money associated with a trip and fall lawsuit. Trip and fall lawsuits can result in settlements and court costs that go well into the thousands while sidewalk repair services are only a fraction of that cost.

You can learn more about why concrete cutting is the best solution for sidewalk trip hazard repair below. If you’re interested in speaking with the premier sidewalk repair company in Florida about getting a free quote, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions to learn more.

How Concrete Cutting Works

It’s now well known that there are numerous options available to repair sidewalk trip hazards. Due to the cost, disruption, and overall hassle of full sidewalk replacement, more innovative options are generally preferred.

For this reason, advancements in horizontal concrete cutting technology have become the go-to solution for most people. Concrete cutting sidewalks to remove trip hazards is quick, affordable, minimally disruptive, environmentally friendly, and altogether cost-effective.

Below are the steps used in concrete cutting:

  • Locate the offset where the trip hazard is located
  • Measure each sidewalk for ADA compliance (1:12 slope)
  • Determine the best place to begin cutting
  • Raise or taper each panel to make them completely level with zero-point differential
  • Accurately ensure uniform and level, non-slip surfaces
  • Collect all waste and debris for recycling

Raised Sidewalk Repair in Florida

If you have a raised sidewalk causing a trip hazard, don’t wait until it’s too late to repair it. Instead, get rid of the liability and keep the sidewalk with concrete cutting from the expert technicians at Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions provides sidewalk repair services throughout the South Florida region. Contact us today or call 954-514-7218 to request a free estimate.

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Raised Sidewalk Repair

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