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Leveling a Sidewalk or Walkway

Leveling a Sidewalk or Walkway

Leveling a Sidewalk or Walkway might sound like a silly endeavor, after all, why not just leave it be and save money? It sounds like a tough job that would require a lot of work. However, fixing your sidewalk isn’t just about looks or aesthetics, it’s about safety and liability. The Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to protect those whose impairments require that additional safety measures be taken when creating these kinds of walkways. These measures ensure the safety of people who are disabled and protect the owner of the property as well from liability cases should they meet these standards. With that in mind, if your sidewalk is damaged you can either spend a lot of money and a lot of time rebuilding the entire walkway, but have you considered leveling a sidewalk?

Replacement is afar more expensive than just leveling a sidewalk, which is where Florida Sidewalk Solutions comes in. This is especially helpful if you operate a business or if the property you own has a sidewalk or walkway that many people have to walk on. When it comes to making your sidewalk ADA compliant and removing trip hazards, sidewalk and walkway leveling is extremely important. We take precise measurements to know exactly when to start and end a cut, ensuring that there is an ADA compliant ratio of 1:12 on sidewalk panels and handicap accessible areas. With grinding, the slope is not planar, it becomes rough and pitted. Our patented technology makes cuts clean and precise at any angle. Trip hazards in hard-to-reach places will be eliminated without damage to nearby impediments!

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the industry leader in not just technology, but with price as well. Our process will work with your budget while working to make your sidewalk or walkway ADA compliant. This is a win-win for you as you can eliminate trip and fall liability by ensuring your sidewalk is leveled and repaired properly. You are sure to save a lot by choosing us, so call us today at 954-514-7218.

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