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Sidewalk cracks and breaks

Sidewalk cracks and breaks

When an otherwise ADA-compliant Sidewalk cracks and breaks, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to fix it per the Americans with Disabilities Act’s standards. People with certain disabilities, like those who use canes, wheelchairs, and electric scooters, are at a severe disadvantage if walkways are uneven or broken. Sidewalk cracks and breaks, in particular, make it nearly impossible for them to traverse since it is so hazardous. These standards don’t just apply to walkways and sidewalks; they also apply to other surfaces.


Any vertical change of more than 1/4 inch at any joint or crack is a ‘trip hazard’, according to the ADA. Property owners, especially for publicly accessible areas, are required to adhere to the ADA’s strict guidelines, and this makes them liable for legal proceedings. Because of this, sidewalk panels and handicapped-accessible areas are required to have slopes of 1:12, and the measurements of such areas must be precise and non-slip to prevent future trip hazards.


If you own property that is open to the public or otherwise a necessity for a fully-functioning community, such as an assembly area, a medical care facility, a dwelling at an educational institution, a detention facility, a correctional facility, a social service center, or a residential unit, you must follow the ADA standards to the best of your abilities. In addition, public places such as hotels and restaurants should especially adhere to these standards do the nature of constantly having people coming in and out on a dly basis.

When you have to repair a publicly used sidewalk, you must take into account these standards. The most effective, economical, and environmentally clean method of leveling a sidewalk is most likely to be done with a cutting method. Florida Sidewalk Solutions can fix Sidewalk cracks and breaks for you in the most effective, economical, and environmentally clean way possible. Other ineffective methods are unable to reach all of the edges of a walkway, often leaving a trip hazard, and replacing a sidewalk entirely instead of repairing it is costly. The ADA-compliant pavement, concrete walkways, and handicap access ramps that are sure to be completely free of trip hazards are likely to be created using their patented technology.

Sidewalk cracks and breaks may arise before, during, or after a sidewalk is built or repaired for a number of reasons. If you would like a dependable and skilled firm to restore your uneven walkways, call Florida Sidewalk Solutions for assistance. An ADA-compliant walkway can be environmentally clean, economical, and protected from liability by using our services. You can contact us at 954-514-7218 for more information.

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