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Concrete Leveling & Sunken Sidewalk Repair

If your property has a sinking sidewalk or uneven concrete walkway, it not only looks bad but could cause harm to someone traveling along the path. Fortunately, there is a practical solution for sunken sidewalk repair that doesn’t require the painstaking process of tearing out and replacing concrete slabs.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions can deliver a sunken sidewalk repair service that is affordable, fast, and minimally disruptive to your property. We create perfectly level sidewalks by using the best method for sunken sidewalk repair – Concrete Cutting.

Cutting concrete is known to be the most efficient method for concrete leveling because it ensures the aesthetics of the sidewalk are maintained and any trip hazards are completely removed. Contact our team to receive a free estimate for concrete leveling in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, or cities in the greater South Florida region.

What Causes Concrete Sidewalks To Sink?

Walkways and sidewalks are generally exposed to a high amount of traffic, heavy use, and weather elements. Over time, the soil beneath the concrete weakens, becoming loose and unsupporting.

As the soil begins to weaken, a void forms below the walkway and the structural integrity of the concrete diminishes. These voids develop from a number of different causes, ranging from natural erosion or rotting tree roots to excessive water from rain or gutter runoff.

Without the earth supporting the concrete, trip hazards will form along the walkway and become a safety concern the could leave you liable to pay for any damages. Whatever the reason it formed, our sunken sidewalk repair service can remove the liability by eliminating any trip hazard completely.

Cutting Concrete For Sidewalk Restoration

Across many parts in South Florida, property owners are actually the ones responsible for keeping their sidewalk safe and ADA compliant. In other words, if someone trips and falls on an unlevel concrete sidewalk located at your business, church, school, apartment complex, gated community, city street, or even private home, you could be held legally responsible

ADA compliance regulations state that any vertical changes in concrete sidewalks exceeding ¼” are considered unsafe trip hazards. Fortunately, cutting concrete leaves perfectly level walkways, removing the liability and eliminating the trip hazard completely.

The alternative options for concrete leveling are either costly, only effective short-term, or can’t guarantee 100% ADA compliant walkways. We are so confident in our patented concrete cutting technology, we even back our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions gets it done right so you don’t have to do it over. Contact the trip hazard removal specialists to discuss getting started on sunken sidewalk repair that is fast, affordable, and guaranteed safety for all.

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Sunken Sidewalk Repair

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