Commercial Sidewalk Repair
Commercial Sidewalk Repair

Commercial Sidewalk Repair

Do you have questions about commercial sidewalk repair? There are many reasons to repair commercial sidewalks. While property managers and owners may believe they are saving money by not repairing sidewalk trip hazards, this is actually the wrong thing. Even a slight uneven sidewalk can pose a danger to your safety and could lead to serious injuries. A single slip and fall can result in a major lawsuit that could cost thousands of dollars. Commercial sidewalk repair, however, is far less expensive. Continue reading to find out why commercial sidewalk repair is important. Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions or call at 954-514-7218 if you’re interested in booking a sidewalk repair service to remove trip hazards.

Commercial Sidewalk Repair Eliminates Trip Hazards

Trip hazards can form on the sidewalk if it is damaged. Although trip hazards might seem like an inconvenience they can be a serious threat. For people with mobility problems, such as those with injuries or young children, sidewalk trip hazards pose a double threat.

A single trip hazard can pose a danger to the public as well as a liability risk for the property owner or manager. Trip hazards can be so dangerous that laws have been created to protect them.

Trip hazards are defined in the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 as any incline greater than 1/4″. Any slip-and-fall accident on their property is the responsibility of the business or management group.

Trip Hazard Removal Options

Commercial sidewalk repair is often neglected by property managers and property owners. It can be disruptive and only partially effective. To eliminate trip hazards completely, it was necessary to replace the entire sidewalk. There are many options that are more cost-effective and efficient.

Concrete grinding is an efficient and modern method to eliminate trip hazards. It has some limitations. Concrete cutting, which can remove all hazards from commercial sidewalks, is far more efficient. Concrete cutting is also much more effective than concrete grinding in that it leaves no unsightly marks.

Commercial sidewalk repair companies may not have the ability to use the precise equipment necessary to cut concrete. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a professional sidewalk repair service. We are proud that we are South Florida’s preferred choice for sidewalk trip hazard repairs.

For a free estimate on sidewalk repairs or to find out more about how Florida Sidewalk Solutions can help keep your sidewalks safe and beautiful, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions at 954-514-7218.

Commercial Sidewalk Repair

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