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Sidewalk leveling Service

Sidewalk leveling Service

Over time concrete walkways can become uneven and dismounted, call Florida sidewalk solutions to learn about our Sidewalk leveling Service!

We at Florida Sidewalk Solutions understand how imperative it is to have your sidewalk in compliance with the ADA. We all know that when things get rough enough, or your sidewalk/walkway is really damaged, sidewalk replacement likely comes to mind. It seems like it might be a good idea, but in reality, a sidewalk replacement is likely far more expensive than a proper repair with FSS!!

The types of issues that could lead to compliance fines can range from cosmetic damages to serious damages. When we talk bout compliance, we’re referring to the ADA. In 1990 the US government passed the ADA- the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Act sets standards and regulations for public access to areas to make it so anybody regardless of their personal disability can traverse a given location with relative ease and safety.

The responsibility to maintain these safety and access regulations falls solely on the property owner. For instance, the owner of a Plaza that has within it several stores- is likely responsible for maintaining the integrity of the walkways in and around the plaza- not necessarily any ADA compliance issues within the individual stores inside the plaza. Over time, the sidewalks and walkways in any location, like the plaza above, will receive damage. Many times this damage will result in that same sidewalk falling out of ADA compliance. For a sidewalk to maintain ADA compliance, no one particular portion of the sidewalk can be raised higher than another by more than a quarter inch. This gap in height is referred to by the ADA as a “trip hazard”. Trip Hazards have to be dealt with relatively quickly or somebody could get seriously hurt. Any injuries or complications that result from a trip hazard would be the responsibility of the property owner. Therefore, if your walkways have trip hazards, it’s time to look into an affordable sidewalk repair solution.

It used to be that you needed to completely remove sidewalk tiles when trip hazards became an issue, investing in expensive replacements. Florida Sidewalk Solutions aims to save you time, and money by offering a better option. We can completely repair the trip hazard, using an advanced cutting method that smoothes out the gap between the sidewalk tiles, creating a smooth transition that falls into ADA compliance. This costs far less than a total replacement and prevents costly pay-outs on ADA compliance issues. If your sidewalk or walkway is in need fo repair, don’t wait until its too late and somebody gets hurt- call Florida Sidewalk Solutions today!

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