Completely Remove Trip Hazards from Uneven Sidewalks
Affordable Sidewalk Repair Near Me, Completely Remove Trip Hazards from Uneven Sidewalks

Florida Sidewalk Solutions: Eliminating Trip Hazards from Uneven Sidewalks

Florida is a state where sidewalks play a vital role in the urban landscape. It’s important to ensure that they are accessible and safe for everyone. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is at the forefront of removing trip hazards from uneven walkways, handicapped access ramps, and concrete sidewalks using patented technologies. We are a leader both in technology and affordability. Our goal is to make your walkways safe and compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. If you are looking for a company to Completely Remove Trip Hazards from Uneven Sidewalks visit Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

Sidewalk Safety: A New Approach

Florida Sidewalk Solutions, a company that has been in business for 18 years, has developed a method to eliminate trip hazards which is more effective than conventional concrete grinders and scabblers. Our patented technology allows us to remove the uneven concrete sections without having to replace the entire sidewalk. It not only maintains the aesthetics and integrity of the area, but it also reduces the amount and size of debris that is created during the process.

Cost-Effective Compliance With ADA Standards

Property managers, city officials and homeowners associations have a difficult task to ensure that all public and privately owned walkways meet ADA standards. Non-compliance can not only pose a danger to the public’s safety, but also have costly legal implications. Florida Sidewalk Solutions offers an economical and efficient solution to this problem. This method is more cost-effective than removing concrete panels and removing all trip hazards.

Protecting Communities and Reducing Liabilities

In Florida, pedestrian safety is a priority. This applies to busy city centers, quiet schools campuses, and residential neighborhoods. Accidents involving trips and falls are serious and can result in severe injuries or lawsuits. We have saved hundreds of thousands in the past by removing these hazards. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a trusted partner for public safety because our services protect people from harm, and also shield organizations from possible lawsuits.

Quick and Non-Disruptive Service

We know that accessibility improvements are often time-sensitive. Our team can handle any project, whether it is a city walkway that thousands of people use every day or a walk in a gated neighborhood. Our process allows daily life to continue unaffected while we make necessary safety improvements.

We can help you

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the partner you want if you’re a city planner or property manager in Florida. We can help you eliminate trip hazards on your sidewalks quickly and efficiently. You’re not only complying with the law, but you’re also creating a more walkable and safer community.

To learn more about Florida Sidewalk Solutions or to schedule an evaluation, contact us today. We can work together to create a safer pedestrian environment in Florida one sidewalk at a a time.

Completely Remove Trip Hazards from Uneven Sidewalks


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