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ADA Compliance for Sidewalks, Florida Sidewalk Cutting Company

Pioneering Sidewalk Safety in Florida: Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Safety and accessibility are paramount in Florida’s bustling cities and communities, where endless sidewalks shine under the sun. Florida Sidewalk Solutions can help. We are a leading Florida sidewalk-cutting company that specializes in removing trip hazards on uneven sidewalks and concrete walkways.

Modern Technology Revolutionizes Sidewalk Maintenance

Florida Sidewalk Solutions uses a patented and unique cutting technology to eliminate trip hazards. Our cutting technology is more cost-effective than the traditional methods, such as concrete grinders and scrabblers, or the disruptive and costly process of complete replacement and removal. This innovative approach reduces not only the physical disruption that is typically associated with sidewalk repair, but also the time needed to make them safer.

Accessibility is our commitment to compliance with the ADA

Assuring compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act is more than just a legal requirement. It’s a commitment towards community safety and access. Our sidewalk repair technique is in line with ADA guidelines, allowing property owners, municipalities and educational institutions to maintain an environment that is accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Florida Communities can benefit from cost-effective solutions

Florida Sidewalk Solutions, over the last 18 years, has saved numerous Florida communities and homeowner associations hundreds of thousands in lawsuits for potential trips and falls. This method not only removes hazards more effectively, but it also offers a cost-effective solution for managing the safety and longevity of sidewalk infrastructures. This proactive approach can reduce the risk of injury as well as the legal costs associated with it.

Why choose Florida Sidewalk Solutions for your sidewalks?

  • Patented Cut Technology: This unique technology removes concrete sections with ease, reducing the risk of trip hazards and requiring minimal demolition.
  • Quick, Non-Disruptive Process: We are quick and do not disrupt the surrounding area. This means that pedestrians will be less inconvenienced and there won’t be any need to close long pathways.
  • Cost savings: Our method does not require expensive concrete replacements. We offer a cost-effective method that prolongs the life span of sidewalks.
  • Experience and Expertise: Our team, with 18 years in Florida of dedicated service, has the experience and expertise to handle any sidewalk project with precision and care.

We can help you improve the safety of your sidewalks

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is committed to improving the safety and accessibility for sidewalks in Florida. We have the technology and expertise to solve your sidewalk problems, whether you are a city planner or member of a homeowners’ association.

Do not wait until an accident occurs. Call Florida Sidewalk Solutions to find out how our sidewalk cutting service can help eliminate hazards, and save you money on repairs and legal costs. Together, we can make Florida’s communities safer and more accessible.

Florida Sidewalk Cutting Company


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