Trip Hazard Removal Specialists in Fort Myers
Sidewalk Repair Specialists in Fort Myers, Trip Hazard Removal Specialists in Fort Myers

Ensure Safety with Trip Hazard Removal Specialists in Fort Myers

Fort Myers is a bustling community, and maintaining accessible and safe sidewalks is essential. Uneven sidewalks, concrete walkways, and other trip hazards can cause serious accidents, injuries, or costly lawsuits. Florida Sidewalk Solutions can help. We are trip hazard specialists and an affiliate company of Precision Concrete Cutting in Provo, Utah. Our goal is to make Fort Myers safer one sidewalk at a time. If you are looking for the most trustworthy Trip Hazard Removal Specialists in Fort Myers visit Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

Why Trip Hazard Removal is Important

Trip hazards can cause serious injuries and liability issues. These hazards are important for businesses, communities, and property managers not only to ensure safety but also to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public walkways be accessible and free from obstacles to ensure safe passage for all, including people with disabilities.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions: Your Trusted Specialists

Florida Sidewalk Solutions specializes in the removal of trip hazards on uneven sidewalks, concrete pathways, and handicapped access ramps. We use patented and innovative technology to achieve superior results, which are more cost-effective and effective than other methods, such as concrete grinders or full removal.

Patented technology: Our cutting edge technology ensures that trip hazards are removed precisely and thoroughly, making your sidewalks more safe without the need for lengthy and disruptive construction works.

Cost Effective Solutions By choosing our service, you will save significantly in comparison to the traditional methods. Our process is designed for cities, communities and homeowner associations to save thousands in lawsuits.

ADA Compliant: We are committed to ensuring compliance with the ADA. Our methods will bring your sidewalks to the standard required for safe and accessible pathways.

Proven Track Record

Florida Sidewalk Solutions, with 18 years’ experience in Florida has earned a reputation of excellence. We have served many clients including schools, universities, homeowners’ associations, cities and communities. We are the leading trip hazard specialists in Fort Myers, and we go beyond.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions: Benefits of Choosing them

Quick: We have designed our process to be quick and efficient to minimize disruption in the surrounding area. We can address trip hazards quickly, allowing walkways to be used safely with minimal downtime.

Environmentally Friendly : Our method eliminates the need to replace the entire sidewalk. It is not only cost-effective, but it also helps the environment because less construction debris is generated.

Long-Lasting Results Our technology ensures a trip hazard will not return once it is removed. Our method is precise and produces a surface that is safe, compliant, and smooth.

Let Us Help You Create a Safer Environment

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the company to call if you live in Fort Myers, FL and are looking for professional services to remove trip hazards. Our team is prepared to help you create a more accessible and safer environment for all. Contact us to learn about our services. We can also help you maintain compliant and safe sidewalks.

Contact us: Are you ready to eliminate your trip hazards? Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions now. Our team of experts can help you with proven and cost-effective solutions to ensure the safety of your walkways.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trusted us to protect and improve their community sidewalks. Choose Florida Sidewalk Solutions for the best trip hazard specialists in Fort Myers.

Trip Hazard Removal Specialists in Fort Myers


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