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If you need to remove a trip hazard and are looking for a sidewalk repair company in Weston, look no further than Florida sidewalk Solutions. We are the leading Weston sidewalk repair company specializing in trip hazard removal.

Weston sidewalk repair

Florida Sidewalk Solutions has been providing sidewalk repair services to business owners and property management groups in Weston and its surrounding areas for over 13 Years. We have a team of trip hazard removal specialists with the expertise and power equipment to remove all liabilities from your sidewalks. FSS will officially bring your sidewalk into compliance with the ADA (American with Disabilities Act).


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    Weston Sidewalk Repair Services

    There are several different ways to remove trip hazards, but the quickest and most cost effective way is by cutting concrete slabs until the sidewalk is safe and ADA compliant

    The trip hazard and liabilities will be completely removed by using our new advance precisions concrete cutting (PCC) technology. Our method is the cleanest, quickest, and most cost-effective solution available. Our specialist at Florida Sidewalk Solutions will get the job done without any damage to the surrounding areas.

    This form of sidewalk repair makes the service easier than ever and also saves you tons of money. Sidewalk replacement can costs up to 70-90% more than this method of sidewalk repair. Continue reading to learn more about the different phases to get the job completed

    Phase 1: Our trip hazard specialists take the time to accurately measure each offset of your trip hazard. This allows us to know where to begin and end the precise cut. This phase will ensure your sidewalk is ADA compliant.

    Phase 2: During the second phase of the process our specialists will make sure there is no change in level between slabs on both sides of the sidewalk.

    Phase 3:  We collect and recycle anything left behind including debris. We guarantee to get the job completed without disturbing your neighbors and the area including trees, yard, sprinklers, and landscaping.

    After these phases have been completed the trip hazard and liabilities will be completely removed. Your sidewalk will then be ADA and OSHA compliant.

    Weston sidewalk repair

    Our Mission:

    Florida Sidewalk Solutions is devoted to providing the highest quality products and customer service. We also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you live in Weston and have a trip hazard that needs to be removed, get started today! Contact Florida sidewalk Solutions to get rid of the liability efficiently and economically. Call us at 954-514-7218 to speak with one of our Weston sidewalk repair specialist about scheduling an appointment and receiving a free estimate.

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