Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Fort Myers

Are you located in Broward? Do you have uneven sidewalks? If so, it is crucial to hire a sidewalk trip hazard repair company in Broward and get your sidewalks repaired as soon as possible as this can cause trip hazards and lead to legal issues.

Sidewalk trip hazard repair Broward

Keeping your sidewalk in good shape is a must for your business and property. This will prevent trip hazards and also beautify your property and business. Florida Sidewalk Solutions can repair your trip hazard and turn your sidewalk into a safe and hazard free surface. Our Broward trip hazard repair specialists use leading sidewalk repair equipment to get the job done right, on time and on a budget!


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    Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Broward Services

    Depending on the type of sidewalk repair needed, a complete replacement may not be needed. A simple sidewalk repair can be done!

    At Florida Sidewalk Solutions we use the most advanced concrete cutting technology also known as PPC. This technology gives our sidewalk repair specialist the ability to get the job completed with quality results.

    A great benefit of our sidewalk repair services is that it can be done for a fraction of the cost of replacing the sidewalk. Our sidewalk repair specialists go through 3 phases to guarantee the job is done correctly.

    Phase 1: First, our sidewalk repair specialist will measure your uneven sidewalk to know how much of your sidewalk needs to be cut.

    Phase 2: During the cutting process, our specialist will make sure your sidewalk is leveled and the connection sections are properly flushed.

    Phase 3: At Florida Sidewalk Solutions our service is clean! we make sure to get the job done without any mess or disturbance to the surrounding areas.

    The finished project will be completely ADA compliant and will add a clean and fresh look to your property and business.

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    Our Mission:

    Many business owners or property managers sometimes neglect their sidewalk trip hazards as they think it is minor, but no matter how minor your trip hazard may seem, it can lead to major legal issues. Let Florida Sidewalk Solutions help you remove your trip hazards today! Contact our sidewalk repair specialist to get a free estimate. Visit our website Florida Sidewalk Solutions to learn more about us and find out why we are the top sidewalk trip hazard repair company in Broward. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to call us at 954.514.7218. Also, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with us and check out our most recent completed project.

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