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Cutting Concrete Sidewalk To Remove Trip Hazards

Florida Sidewalk Solutions provides a sidewalk repair service for cutting concrete sidewalk panels into perfectly flush surfaces. Anyone from private property owners and HOA gated communities to business owners and commercial property managers should know that they could be held liable if someone is hurt while traveling on a walkway positioned on their property.

It’s important to fix sidewalk cracks that create fall and trip hazards before the potential liability turns into a legitimate legal situation. There are a few different options for removing trip hazards created by uneven sidewalks, but cutting concrete sidewalk panels with precision is the best method of trip hazard removal.

The rest of this article serves to inform the reader of why cutting concrete sidewalk panels is the best option to remove the liability completely. If you want to get a free quote covering the cost of our sidewalk repair service, simply fill out our contact form at your convenience or call 954-514-7218 for immediate assistance.

Advantages Of Removing Trip Hazards With Concrete Cutting

The advantages of cutting concrete sidewalk panels to restore uneven sidewalks are plentiful. This is especially true when presenting the benefits of concrete cutting versus other forms of sidewalk repair.

For example, grinding concrete sidewalks does not completely remove the trip hazard because grinders are incapable of reaching the edge of each panel. Also, though the cost of renting grinders is less expensive and disruptive than replacing concrete, it is also typically more expensive than our concrete cutting sidewalk repair service.

The benefits of cutting concrete sidewalk panels to remove trip hazards are:

  • ADA Compliance
  • Eliminate Trip & Fall Accident Liability
  • Costs Less Than Renting Equipment
  • Less Disruption Than Replacing Concrete
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Level, Non-Slip Surface
  • 100% Guaranteed Results

The decision to remove trip hazards from uneven sidewalks should be thought of like an investment for property owners. Not only will it help increase the safety of traveling on your property, but it will also improve its overall appearance.

Considering it costs less, is minimally disruptive, and is the most efficient option, it’s easy to see why concrete cutting is the best option for sidewalk repair. Better still, concrete cutting is also the only way to remove trip hazards completely on the same day.

If you would like to get a free estimate for your project, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today!

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Cutting Concrete Sidewalk

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